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A Macintosh Classic, running OS 6, was the very first computer I ever used. Early 90’s, Ross High School, Tranent. I was fortunate enough to be a pupil of Mr Douglas, who was more than a little passionate about Apple’s flagship desktop computer and passed this on to many of his pupils.

When I left school and started work, I was keen to have a go on the new-fangled Internet thing. It seemed sensible to invest in what I already knew, and I bought a Macintosh Performa 5400/180 (Black). This Mac saw me through Mac OS 7.5 to Mac OS X 9.2.1. I then went ‘pro’ and bought a Power Mac G4 with dual 450Mhz processors! I moved to Mac OS X 10 on the day it was released and suffered it until it started to get good (I would say 10.2, other may say 10.3). While the Internet had become a lot more useable, and useful, it was digital music production that caught my interest. Having used Startrekker and Octamed on Commodore Amigas, I bought my first ever non-OS software package called PlayerPro. Somewhere, hidden deep within my iTunes library, lives my ‘album’ from back then ;-)

In 2004, I bought a top of the range PowerMac G5 for £2800. It developed a problem less than 1 week later. I contacted Apple and they sent out an Engineer from a company in Edinburgh. The Engineer tried a couple things I had already tried and quickly decided that it would have to go away to be looked at in more. I was extremely disappointed to hear that it could be gone for up to two weeks. I was livid when I was told that a temporary replacement could not be provided.

I had no option but to let it go. Around 10 days later, I was told that it had been fixed and that I would have to collect it from Edinburgh. The problem was still there and, when I contacted the company who had ‘fixed’ it, they washed their hands of it.

At the time, there was no other place to get Apple products repaired. I simply had to put up with the bad service.

A couple of months later, I started buying broken iMacs on eBay. I learnt about their insides by signing up for the Apple Technician Training Course. Soon, I was selling the repaired iMacs on eBay and making some money. Over the following 18 months, I continued to sell Macs that I had repaired. I also put a website together, called it Fix My Mac and started advertising for business. I was soon working 18 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Given my past experiences, I make the level of service I provide top priority and I work very hard to ensure standards are kept very high.

Kevan Gordon, Owner - Fix My Mac
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