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When it comes to Macs, finding fast and reliable help in Scotland is not easy. Nearly everyone knows someone who is ‘good with computers’. However, few people are familiar with the insides of a Mac. When yours develops a problem, you need it fixed quickly. Getting the work done properly means taking it to the right place. Make Fix My Mac your first choice!


Macs are not like Windows PC’s. They are designed and constructed in a very different way (a bit like us Mac users). Non-Mac techies are not the right people to be working inside them. The wrong person working on your Mac can cause extensive and expensive damage. Even the right person using the wrong parts can cause your Mac to misbehave!


Faster, bigger hard drive or a speedy Solid State Drive (SSD). More memory (RAM). Latest version of Mac OS X. An ‘All of the above’ approach can make your old Mac feel like new again and often costs around 1/3 of the price of a brand new equivalent.

Your Mac may be functioning just fine. However, many small things can add up to a significant boost in performance that will help to ensure that you get the most from it. A yearly service is essential proactive maintenance!








  • Diagnosis is free if you proceed with repairs. £40 otherwise.
  • Quick advice, via e-mail or phone, is always free of charge.
  • Half-Day and Full-Day Rates available by request.


Card - At my place or at your place
Cash - On collection or delivery.
Invoice - To be paid within 7 days.
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Trusted Trader

The East Lothian Trusted Trader scheme is a joint Council and Trading Standards initiative to help consumers find reputable and reliable local businesses.

All Trusted Traders have agreed to trade fairly and sign-up to a Code of Practice.

The Code covers:

  • Transparent procedures for quoting and carrying out work
  • Only charging a fair and reasonable price
  • Ensuring staff are adequately trained
  • Dealing with complaints promptly
  • The dispute resolution process
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Members have been vetted by East Lothian Trading Standards and the Trusted Trader scheme is supported by Police Scotland and Citizens Advice Scotland.

Help support the scheme by reviewing a Trusted Traders you have used.